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On our website you will find mobile games available for download; xbox, playstation, steam wallet, google play and itunes gaming codes, cheats for iOS and Android devices plus much more.

How do these game cheats work? You just download and install the cheats like you would with any other game app from google play or itunes. Most game cheats don’t require any further configurations; however, some cheats/mods may require you to have your phone or tablet jail broken or rooted. How will i know if my device needs to be rooted or jail broken? Each zipped archive will come with full installation instructions and the modded game app, to extract the archive you’ll need to install winzip or another app of your choice from the app store. You MUST uninstall the app store version of the game before attempting to install the cheat.


What kind of features do these game cheats include? When playing these game mods you can expect to find various things unlocked that would normally be a paid or restricted feature. For example, some mods may include; free shopping, unlimited amounts of money, coins, food, chips, wood, stones, gems, gold, elixir, donuts, power-ups, booster packs, lives and many other things depending on the game. Not sure if you should cheat on your game or not? Common reasons that people decide to cheat in these games are because they can’t afford to pay for in-app purchases, they get bored with the game, or they get stuck on a level, and they want to move forward. Should you decide to cheat, when you are finished, be sure to support the developers and reinstall the game from the app store.

Yes, some cheat downloads will require you to complete a simple survey or download offer to gain access to the cheat, this is a necessary to help keep our site running and you updated with the latest ‘game cheats’. Your download/or access will be unlocked upon successful completion of the survey. Other mod downloads may have no survey at all.

Most Popular Game Cheats


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